Where i came

I’m glad that you found my site. Logically it would be first to introduce myself and say a few words about me before i bored you with information about my wild ideas. Briefly – my name is Nikolay Ivanov, handyman around computers since I can remember and fan of computer simulators. I have not the first youth (I passed over 40s) and I’ve always been a man of ideas (as evidenced by the slogan of the site). Main hobbies – photography, electronics, skiing … My interests are definitely not limited to this, but I’ll round out my other (not so normal) ideas in motion. I fell in love with flight simulation in 1997th – since the US Navy Fighter, but in 2009 i found IVAO and that led the old thrill to new heights (more information about the Bulgarian division can be found on http://ivao-bg.net).