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Reaction injection molding and injection molding have almost the same name, so even experienced engineers and designers might think they are the same. But “Reaction” signals a big difference – unlike injection molding, RIM techniques utilize low-viscosity liquid polymers in thermoset processes.


We provide fast CAD/CAM design and prototypes for our ideas. We have a set of machines for 3d printing and CNC machines for production of engineered details

Latest news

  • CNC Touch probe

    To reduce the time for positioning of parts and consequently shorten the time for production of prototypes to our customers we developed its own touch probe.  

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    CNC Touch probe

    За да намалим времето за позициониране на детайлите и съответно да съкратим времето за изработка на прототипите за нашите клиенти разработихме собствена touch probe.   

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